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    Zulu DJ Software Free 4.10

    UPDATED ON:   October 12, 2018

    CATEGORY: Audio / Video, Internet, Multimedia


    Zulu DJ Software is free professional DJ mixing software for Windows PCs that lets you mix and broadcast live music, audio and mp3s.

    When loading a music track onto a deck it will automatically scan the file for a beat and assign a beat per minute (BPM), and will change the tempo in the second deck for perfect synchronization and a seamless crossover. Drag and drop music into and around Zulu' s interface and preview an upcoming track through headphones via a secondary audio output. Apply effects on the fly and more.


    • Automatic beat detection.
    • * Automatic synchronization between the decks based on BPM.
    • * Crossfade in between two tracks.
    • * Supports a large number of audio formats including wav, mp3, vox, gsm, real audio, au, aif, flac, ogg and many more
    • * Change the pitch in real time of each track, slow it down or speed it up to manually sync it with the other tracks.
    • * Add a cue pointer marker at any point in a track to instantly start playing the track from that point.
    • * Loop sections within a track and syncronize that loop to the BPM.
    • * Real time Equalization on each Deck (track) including "kill" buttons for instant EQ.
    • * Apply effects in real-time to a track.
    • * Effects include Distortion, High Pass Filter, Reverb, Phaser, Flanger and Delay.
    • * Separate output for headphones.
    • * Simple and intuitive user interface for day-to-day operation.


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    Size: 4.89 MB
    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:October 12, 2018





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