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    Yet Another Process Monitor 2.4.2

    UPDATED ON:   August 6, 2012

    CATEGORY: Utilities


    Yet Another Process Monitor (YAPM) is a powerful process viewer for Windows that monitors the services & processes.

    Yet Another (remote) Process Monitor (YAPM) is a powerful application that allows to view and manage your running tasks, processes, threads, modules...etc. and your services on a local or on a remote machine. YAPM offers lots of features to manipulate them, such as privilege management, memory management, a complete history of statistics, a dependency viewer... etc.

    In addition to all basic features available with the standard Windows Task Manager, YAPM offers lots of other useful features :
    • Local and remote monitoring
    • Module and thread management
    • Job management : allows to add some processes to a job and set limits to the job. ; this affects all the processes in the job. For example, user can set an unique priority for all processes, a maximum memory usage for each process in the job...etc.
    • Handle management (keys, files, semaphores...etc. opened by a process)
    • View of TCP/UDP connections opened
    • Windows management (opacity, position, show, hide...)
    • Window' find' process feature : allows to find the process associated to a window via a drag & drop over the screen
    • Emergency Hotkeys feature : allows to associate a custom shortcut to a custom action (for example : Ctrl+Shift+Suppr to close the window which is on foreground)
    • Privilege management : allows to view and modify the privileges of processes
    • Build-in hex editor to view memory of processes
    • "Log mode" to monitor all actions made by a specific process
    • Find Hidden Processes feature to detect basic hidden rootkits
    • Local and remote shutdown
    • Dependency viewer
    • Powerful Service creator to create new service on a local or remote machine
    • System Snapshot feature : allows to save a snapshot of the system. A System Snapshot File is created and can be explored on another system by an expert. Ideal for remote assistance.
    • ... And lots & lots of other features !


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    Size: 1.03 MB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Requirements:.Net Framework 2.0 or higher
    Last updated:August 6, 2012





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