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    WizFile 3.07

    UPDATED ON:   December 13, 2021

    CATEGORY: File Managers, Utilities


    WizFile is an extremely high speed file finder utility for Windows.

    With WizFile you can search every file on your hard drive by name, path, size and date and the search results are displayed almost instantly. WizFile monitors your file system for changes and will always display the most up to date file information. Displayed search results will update in real time as changes are detected.

    WizFile uses a highly efficient and compact internal file database which uses minimal system resources, so it has negligible impact on the performance of your PC.

    What makes WizFile so fast?
    When scanning NTFS formatted hard drives for files (most modern hard drives use this format), WizFile reads the hard drive' s Master File Table (MFT) directly from the disk. The MFT is a special hidden file used by the NTFS file system to keep track of all files and folders on a hard drive. Scanning for files this way completely bypasses the operating system (Windows) and provides a huge performance boost. Scanning this way allows WizFile to build it' s internal file database very quickly so it' s ready for use in as short a time as possible after it' s started.

    WizFile also supports non NTFS hard drives, network drives, USB drives and individual directories.


    Instant, Live File Search
    Locate files by name, path, size and date almost instantly. Results are updated in real time if any file changes occur.

    Search the entire file path
    Unlike other file search utilities, WizFile allows you to search the entire file path, not just the file name.

    Multiple Search Terms
    Separate multiple search terms with a space. Spaces are treated as "AND" operators. Use a vertical pipe as an "OR" operator.

    Extremely Fast!
    WizFile reads the Master File Table (MFT) directly from NTFS formatted drives, so it' s ready for use very quickly after it' s started.

    Custom Filters
    WizFile comes with 3 sets of customisable filters. These are preset to filter by file type, file size and file date but are completely customisable.

    No Database File
    WizFile keeps all file data in memory (RAM) without the need for an external database file. This makes it truly portable. It will automatically swap out RAM to the Windows page file to minimise RAM use as required.


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    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:December 13, 2021





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