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    UPDATED ON:  April 11, 2017

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    Last updated:April 11, 2017
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    WinParrot is a FREEWARE. It can record and control any application on Windows.

    • Automate your recurring tasks
    • Load your data into your applications (Internet Explorer, Oracle Applications, SAP ...)
    • using data from an Excel spreadsheet
    • Test the robustness of an application by simulating multiple users
    • Conduct demonstration or training of an application (by slowing the speed of play)
    • Schedule tasks (schedule the execution of macros).

    Winparrot is known for its following qualities:

    • WinParrot requires no installation and no administration right.
    • Start recording your tasks or your entries, WinParrot will replay them immediately without programming

    • With a very simple language (very close to that of Excel) you can insert visual checkpoints, loops, conditions or data from Excel spreadsheets.
    • You can control the tolerance of an image recognition, shapes or texts, change the speed of typing or moving the mouse....

    • In order to avoid slowing down your computer WinParrot is optimized to use the least possible of memory and CPU.

    • WinParrot verifies its signature. If a virus attempts an intrusion or if WinParrot is corrupted, it will alert you.
    • Once a bug is found on WinParrot, it is corrected in a few days.





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