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    WebESC 18.11

    UPDATED ON:   January 19, 2021

    CATEGORY: File Managers, Utilities


    WebESC is a tool to scan for any local file changes and web content.

    WebESC is very fast. You can compare your files for any change, e.g. by a virus or hacker. WebESC will not remove a virus but it can detect a file change that many of antivirus programs can' t detect. You can verify web links existence, and changes in sizes of web files. You can compare your site stored locally on your disk to your web site, i.e. can verify if all the files are succesfully uploaded or changed by a hacker. If you have the web links to other sites you can check the broken links and file version changes. For example, on release date, WebESC could check RapidShare web links if broken.


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    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:January 19, 2021





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