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    Wake On LAN Ex 3.16

    UPDATED ON:  December 19, 2017

    CATEGORY: Network, Utilities

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    Size: 2.46 MB
    Supported OS:All Windows
    Requirements:.Net Framework 4.7 or higher
    Last updated:December 19, 2017
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    Wake On LAN Ex is an application you wake up, reboot, shut down remote computers on the network or through internet.

    Wake On LAN Ex is an application designed to be used with computers that contain network cards which are set to turn on when a "magic packet" is received. Running Wake On LAN Ex, entering the required details, and hitting Send will cause the WOL-enabled computer to turn itself on and boot as normal.

    Depending on its WOL abilities, the destination computer can be sleeping, hibernating, or entirely off and still be able to react to a Wake-On-LAN event. WoLEX also supports shutting down, restarting, logging-off, and hibernating the remote computer, as well as sending it administrator messages.





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