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    VistaUAC Maker 2.0

    UPDATED ON:   January 14, 2010

    CATEGORY: Utilities

    Vista has introduced new feature called UAC (User Account Control). In short it basically controls the way in which applications are executed by different users. Due to enforcement of this UAC, by default any application on Vista will run under the context of standard user instead of administrator. As a result the application which requires administrator privilege will fail to work properly on Vista.

    So VistaUACMaker is designed to address this problem by making any Windows XP based application compatible with Vista as well as Windows 7.

    To make any application Vista UAC compliant one has to embed a manifest file specifying the privilege required by the application. Manifest file mainly contain 2 important information, privilege required by the application and UI interaction of application with other windows.

    There are 3 types of privileges that can be mentioned in the manifest file.
    • requireAdministrator : Run as administrator
    • asInvoker : Run as same privilege as parent process
    • highestAvailable : Run with highest privilege available for user

    Other than this, one has to specify if the application interacts with user interface of other high privilege applications. For example your application may send the message to modify the UI of other high privilege application. This is specified through following parameter

    uiAccess : TRUE/FALSE


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    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:January 14, 2010





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