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    UPDATED ON:   July 9, 2011

    CATEGORY: Desktop Enhancers, Utilities


    Vispa allows you to easily tweak your Windows Vista towards better privacy and security, even system performance.

    Vispa allows tweaking the default settings to your needs. This includes the disabling of services, changing the behaviour and usability, deleting undesired files, or tweaking programs like Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Windows Messenger.

    It is recommended to use Vispa with care, it' s not everybody' s solution to make your Windows run better. Use it with care and it will help you making changes to your operating system much quicker.

    Note: Some antivirus software might report Vispa as Spyware or a Trojan. Vispa is an executable written and compiled using NSIS, false-positives are unfortunately quite common among NSIS compiled programs. The NSIS development team is aware of this situation and constantly works with software companies to solve such issues.


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    Supported OS:Windows Vista, 7
    Last updated:July 9, 2011





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