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    USB Flash Drives Control

    UPDATED ON:   December 21, 2016

    CATEGORY: Security / Privacy, Utilities


    USB Flash Drives Control is a small that runs in taskbar, and provides quick access to control the USB flash drives.

    USB Flash Drives Control is a small and easy to use program that runs in taskbar, next to the system clock, and provides quick access to control the way in which USB flash drives are used on your computer. USB Flash Drives Control offers access to few, but powerful, options that helps you to control how your flash storage drives are used.

    Enable USB Flash Drives
    This is the default Windows setting.

    Dissalow Execute
    If you check this setting, execute access will be denied for all executable files on all flash drives used on current computer, on all user profiles. This ensures a plus of security to your system against dangerous and malicious software, like worms, backdoors or password stealers.

    Read Only Mode
    If you enable this setting, write access will be denied on all flash drives used on this computer. All flash drives become read-only. There may be cases where we may want the users to connect their flash drives to our computer only for reading the data from them, but not let other people to copy informations from our computer, into their USB flash drives.

    Disable USB Flash Drives
    Assume that you want to prevent users from connecting to a USB storage device that is connected to your computer, just use this option and users won' t be able anymore to install USB flash devices on your computer.

    Program Features
    • Just one small size executable file, all features are packed in the same single executable file. The same executable file is the setup program as well the program itself, and has only 131 KB.
    • Easy to use, intuitive menus placed right next to your system clock, which allows you to configure easily the program.
    • Enable or disable USB flash drives with a single mouse click.
    • Automatically starts with Windows.
    • Protection to uninstallation accidentally the program when is locked with a password.


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    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:December 21, 2016





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