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    USB Capture

    UPDATED ON:   August 3, 2017

    CATEGORY: File Managers, Utilities

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    USB Capture is a service-only application that capturescopies all data (files and folders) from an USB to a local folder immediately after the USB device is plugged-in

    With USB Capture you can exclude specific USB devices (by Device ID) so they will not be copied to the local folder. This application is useful to have a copy of every USB devices also on the local PC or in case an intruder plugs-in an USB on the PC, this program will capture all files from its USB device.

    Install the service:
    • 1) Copy the folder "USBCaptureSvc" on C: and open the folder
    • 2) Right-click on "install.bat" and select "Run as administrator" to install the service
    • 3) Wait a few seconds so that the service has been started and then close the command-prompt window

    Test the service:
    • 1) Insert an USB and after some minutes you can eject the USB device
    • 2) Inside the "C:USBCaptureSvcUSB-COPIED" folder there are saved all USB files captures from the USB device

    Uninstall the service:
    • 1) Open the folder "USBCaptureSvc"
    • 2) Right-click on "uninstall.bat" and select "Run as administrator" to uninstall the service


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    Last updated:August 3, 2017





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