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    TunnelEx 2.2.1

    UPDATED ON:   July 3, 2010

    CATEGORY: Internet, Network

    TunnelEx is a powerful application which will help you in data redirection. Convert TCP, UDP, pipe or serial data to another type and transfer over HTTP tunnel, create FTP tunnels in active and passive modes.

    • HTTP tunneling: forward TCP connections through HTTP proxy server
    • Pathfinder: create tunnels automaticly, choosing HTTP proxy server form free public lists
    • FTP tunneling: forward FTP connection to another host, to real FTP server. This is not a FTP proxy, FTP client will work with FTP tunneling such it works with real FTP server, without addition settings
    • TCP and UDP connections redirection: redirect incoming network traffic for specified ports on local system to another port on local or remote system
    • Redirect traffic from several network ports to one
    • Named pipes redirection: redirect incoming pipe traffic for specified named pipe to another pipe or to any network endpoint
    • Serial port (COM) support
    • Separated endpoints for reading and writing: read from one and write to another endpoint. Reading and writing endpoints types can be different –– any of supported
    • Inter-protocol tunneling: create tunnel between two endpoints with different types, for example: transfer named pipe or serial port over Ethernet
    • Provide several endpoints for traffic destination: TunnelEx will redirect to first that will be accessible, inaccessible will be skipped
    • Log all transiting packets into a file
    • Choose host by network connection with the less ping roundtrip time


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    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:July 3, 2010






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