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    TodoSpec 1.11

    UPDATED ON:   April 2, 2011

    CATEGORY: Home / Education, Utilities

    TodoSpec makes a Todo-list from a task, Todo, a schedule, and it manage the plan effectively. It improves efficiency of the work and supports work optimization and skill up,and prevents forgetfulness. It is the tool which various plans can use by not only the management and administrative task , but also personal unit. Anyone can download this software free and can use it - freeware.

    Benefit of the tool:

    Manage the plan systematically
    It can display only necessary information, and it can manage systematically without troublesome care.

    Prevent from the forgetting mistake
    It prevent from forgetting mistake by displaying Todo which registered according to time without the exception.

    Improve time-management skill
    It improve the time-management skill by concentrating to Todo management more.

    Manage order and request together
    By using category function,You can manage your personal todo width order of the requests and instructions to others.

    Make composure
    By automating todo-management, You don' t need to tend forgot-mistakes. And you can afford.

    Use in project management
    It can perform not only personal todo-list but also the todo management of the project.

    Make your skill of time-management more realistic
    Your skill of time-managent is made more realistic by managing flexibly the task with the time limit.


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    Size: 625.13 KB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP
    Requirements:.Net Framework 2.0 or higher
    Last updated:April 2, 2011






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