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    Thoosje Quick XP Optimizer 2.02

    UPDATED ON:   February 4, 2010

    CATEGORY: Desktop Enhancers, Utilities

    Is your Windows getting slow!! Optimize your Windows XP with our new optimizer in just seconds.

    This optimizer allows you to optimize Windows XP in an simple, effective and secure way. After installing Thoosje Quick XP Optimizer your OS System runs faster, applications will load quicker and run smoother, plus browsing of your files and the Internet will speed up. you can also optimizer your security,Clean up your harddisk and delete unnecessary junk files in Windows.This program is completely safe and optimizes your Windows XP system without you having the need of having personal knowledge registry and system settings.

    • Easy installation and optimization within seconds
    • Increases speed of browsing of files via explorer
    • Better overall performance of your XP system
    • Better performance of IE explorer and other applications
    • Speeds up the Booting process of your XP
    • Decreases time to shut down and restart your system
    • Applications load significant faster
    • Automatic Restore function


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    Size: 3.12 MB
    Supported OS:Windows XP
    Last updated:February 4, 2010





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