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    TheWorld Browser

    UPDATED ON:   September 13, 2011

    CATEGORY: Browsers, Internet

    TheWorld Browser provides a fast, safe, and easy way to browse the Web. It will revolutionize your internet experience with many useful features that other browsers don' t provide. Give it a try, we guarantee our browser is 100% malware free.

    • Multi-threaded frame
    •   -  TheWorld Browser version is among the first multi-threaded frame browser in the world (the first is Internet Explorer 7.0), the multi-threaded window frame can prevent the web pages from freezing.

    • Intelligent Ad blocking + Blacklist filter
    •   -  TheWorld can block popup ad. and float ad. automatically.
      TheWorld can block popups and float ads automatically. You can also use a blacklist to filter ads. The blacklist filter works from lower level of HTTP protocol, with regular expression so that you can filter out anything you want.

    • Web page mute
    •   -  TheWorld is the first browser that can disable a web page' s sound with one click.

    • Powerful Tools
    •   -  Powerful Tools Built in tools like: Flash filter, unlock page script limited, zoom, Proxy quick switching, Auto complete, Quick media saver, Privacy guard, Mouse gestures, Custom hotkeys and Drag & drop support, make TheWorld one of the most powerful browsers around.

    • Safer
    •   -  TheWorld Browser has built-in safe guards that will protect you while surfing.

    • Built-in Download Manager
    •   -  Which consists of multi-thread download, resumable download, with intuitive download management.

    • Skins and plugins
    •   -  TheWorld Browser supports skins and plugins, we have hundreds of skins and plugins to customize the way you browse. TheWorld has native support for Internet Explorer' s plugins as well.


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    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:September 13, 2011





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