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    T3Desk 2010 version 10.09

    UPDATED ON:   September 12, 2010

    CATEGORY: Desktop Enhancers

    T3Desk is a professional-class application that keeps you organized, makes you more productive and improves the way you work with Windows and the Web. T3Desk implements a 3D Desktop Module, among other powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features and tools, that ensure your seamless desktop and online experience.

    T3Desk lets you manage your applications more easily in a 3D desktop adding the third dimension to your Windows screen. 3D minimized windows will appear in three dimensions and transparent on your screen and have the ability to be flipped, zoomed, moved, swiveled in almost anyway you want. T3Desk is lightweight on your resources, unlike most applications of its kind.

    T3Desk lets you set the options regarding display, zooming, hot keys and sounds. You can configure your 3D window animation, transparency effect, the 3D initial angle and distance, the transition effects and more.

    With T3Desk you can quickly navigate, based on your input text, to the most visited and useful Web sites on the Internet, and also find up-to-the-minute news and articles.


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    Size: 841.30 KB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:September 12, 2010





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