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    SterJo Task Manager 2.9

    UPDATED ON:   January 20, 2020

    CATEGORY: Desktop Enhancers, System / Registry Cleaners, Utilities


    SterJo Task Manager is a FREE an advanced process manager which allows you to get details on everything that' s running on your computer.

    SterJo Task Manager is divided in several sections covering the main parts of each system. “Tasks” section shows all running and not responding applications. “Processes” gives you more details about each process and also could show the slowing down of the CPU with an option to terminate the process and retrieve the speed of the computer.

    Also if the startup of your system is significantly slower than previously known then the reason for that is probably too much applications stored into the boot sequence. "Registry" section can take care of this and exclude all those unnecessary things in order to speed up the startup. This way you can optimize the Windows startup time but be careful not to disable some crucial programs you are using. The "Services" shows Windows services and optionally installed drivers with ability to stop or delete them.



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    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:January 20, 2020





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