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    SSuite Office – Excalibur 4.40.6

    UPDATED ON:   August 15, 2021

    CATEGORY: Desktop Enhancers, Home / Education, Office / Productivity


    A professional and comprehensive office suite for students, home users, and office workers....

    This office suite runs on the Windows XP / Vista and Windows 7 platforms only. With its full 32-bit architecture and stability, it can improve your productivity and document format compatibility. This office suite introduces some new innovative concepts in interface design and user-friendly application interaction. You get instant system access, top class application design and a cleaner desktop to name a few.

    The graphical-user-interface has been made into a more iconic-toolbar, mouse centric type of interface. This increases user-interaction speed and user productivity. This office suite was created to be as useful as possible to whom ever needed an office suite. So... if you enjoy a more uncluttered desktop, cleaner looking application interfaces, and faster software
    interaction , then this office suite is for You!

    Create a cleaner desktop with enhanced performance and advanced application interfaces.

    Application' s List:

    Personal Productivity Software:
    • WordGraph - { Main wordprocessor }
    • Accel - { Main spreadsheet application }
    • Netsurfer - { Web browser }
    • My EZMail
    • PDF Memo Creator
    • WordFormat 2
    • SpreadForm One.

    • Instant Lan Messenger
    • Instant Lan Scan
    • Instant Lan Chat
    • VOIP PC Phone.

    Graphical Software:
    • EZDraw
    • EZDraw Photo Editor
    • Photo Album and Presentation Viewer
    • Screen Ruler.

    • Wave Player
    • Wave Recorder
    • CD Wave Ripper - { Rip to Wave, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis format' s }
    • Trinity - { Ogg Vorbis Music Player with album playlist }
    • Moving Pictures Player.

    General Utilities:
    • Search and Find Desktop Search Engine
    • File Printer
    • System Information Overview
    • Envelope Printer
    • Clipboard Viewer
    • Calendar Diary
    • Address Book
    • Note Book - { View and Edit text in Pascal, HTML, C++, XML, PHP, and SQL }
    • IntroChess, Knots and Crosses, Inline Numbers, Tetris 2D - { Games }
    • The Sorting Machine.

    • Agnot Security Box - { Secure any file with a password or delete it without a trace }

    Desktop Enhancements:
    • Mac Dock for PC
    • Floating Desktop Clock
    • Floating Recent Documents Viewer and P2P File Transfer Portal.


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    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:August 15, 2021





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