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    SmartSystemMenu 2.9.3

    UPDATED ON:   August 20, 2021

    CATEGORY: Desktop Enhancers, Utilities


    SmartSystemMenu extends system menu of all windows in the system.

    SmartSystemMenu appends next custom items to menu:

    • Information. Shows a dialog with information of the current window and process: the window handle, the window caption, the window style, the window class, the process name, the process id, the path to the process.
    • Roll Up. Allows to roll up and down the current window.
    • Aero Glass. Allows to add the "Aero Glass" blur to the current window. (Windows Vista and higher. Mostly for console windows.)
    • Always On Top. Allows the current window to stay on top of all other windows.
    • Send To Bottom. Allows to send to bottom the current window.
    • Save Screenshot. Allows to save the current window screenshot in a file.
    • Open File In Explorer. Allows to open a process file in a File Explorer.
    • Copy Text To Clipboard. Allows to copy all window texts (including console, ms office products, etc.) to clipboard.
    • Drag By Mouse. Allows to drag by mouse the current window.
    • Resize. Allows to change the size of the current window.
    • Move To. Allows to move the current window to another monitor.
    • Alignment. Allows the current window to be aligned with any of the 9 positions on the desktop.
    • Transparency. Allows to change the transparency of the current window.
    • Priority. Allows to change the current window' s program priority.
    • System Tray. Allows to minimize the current window to the system tray.
    • Other Windows. Allows to close and minimize all windows in the system except the current.
    • Start Program. Allows to start programs which is in the settings.


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    Size: 832.91 KB
    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:August 20, 2021





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