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    Smart Words 1.6.1

    UPDATED ON:   April 9, 2010

    CATEGORY: Home / Education

    Replenishment of a lexicon of foreign words. Smart Words is the specialised tool allowing to limit a range of studied words to those words which will be claimed studying language first of all. In other words, those words which are the most actual, for studying, at present time will be studied only.

    Formation of a range of studied words occurs on the basis of available dictionaries and books, or, any other material on a foreign language with which, at present time, more often to have to work. It allows to narrow a range of studied words, having made its more concrete and dynamical. As, existing methods and ways of training, often mention too the general, aspects, language practice. As an example: possession of a spoken language yet does not guarantee qualitative perception of a material at reading specialised or fiction.

    For simple and common words - the program will simplify their learning. For words having "contextual" value - as exist a huge spectrum of areas of human activity in which one and too the word, designates different concepts and bears different semantic loading - will help to allocate and study terminological language base inherent in this sphere of activity.

    The program is translated into English and Russian languages.


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    Last updated:April 9, 2010





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