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    SlimCleaner Free 4.0.29702

    UPDATED ON:   June 20, 2013

    CATEGORY: Desktop Enhancers, Security / Privacy, Utilities


    SlimCleaner allows you to clean & optimize your PC with a crowd-sourced approach.

    SlimCleaner is a comprehensive cleaning tool made faster, safer and more up-to-date. It incorporates all of the essential utilities needed to keep even the latest computers clean and running at peak performance. It removes the temporary files that waste disk space, and it' s cleaner locates your Internet history and browsing activities, allowing you to erase them with one click.

    Clean out the unwanted data that your computer automatically stores. The fast cleaner utility in SlimCleaner removes temporary files that can waste disk space and even affect the performance of your computer. One scan will detect all of the junk stored in…

    Disable non-essential background process and services to make your computer run faster. SlimCleaner uses up-to-date cloud data to customize settings for optimal performance.

    Unlike the Windows uninstaller, SlimCleaner' s uninstaller helps you make an informed decision. When it lists the programs on your computer, you instantly get ratings and user feedback, telling you what the web community thinks of each application - whether it' s good, optional, or just a waste of space.

    Rest easy knowing that you have the ability to not only delete private data, but shred it. SlimCleaner lets you remove files using a process that makes it impossible for them to be recovered.

    Hijack Log:
    Get a fully interactive list of all the software components running on your PC: Toolbars, Services, Startup Entries, Codecs, Drivers, ActiveX Objects and more. Take control of your computer' s functions by getting on-demand information about any given entry.

    Windows Tools:
    One-Click access to all of Windows' monitoring and diagnostics tools. Don' t hunt for the stats and information you need, get a head' s up display. From one panel you can access the Device Manager, Security Settings, Backup and Restore, System Information and more.

    Note: Internet connection required to make full installation of this software.

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    Freeware Information
    AuthorSlimWare Utilities
    Supported OSWindows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Download Size705.87 KB




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