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    SIBuilder 3.4.2

    UPDATED ON:   March 27, 2010

    CATEGORY: Programming, Utilities

    SIBuilder (Small Installation program Builder) is an open source software installation program creator that creates lean, stand alone install programs. The program is useful in creating, simple, single file, self-extracting installation programs.

    Install programs are easy to create using SIBuilder's Wizard style interface. The creation tool has the following features:
    • Files can be added using drag and drop and grouped to install into different target folders.
    • Registry entries can be created by directly entering the required information, by importing .reg files that may have been exported from RegEdit or by using predefined templates.
    • Special folder "macros" can be used to refer to the installation folder and to the program files, common files and various Windows special folders on the target computer.
    • External programs can be specified to be run either by the installer or uninstaller making it simple to add functionality to install programs. From v3.2 a external program (Shortcutter.exe) is provided that can be used create shortcuts during installation.
    • Manifests listing the files to be installed can be generated in text or HTML format.
    • The data stored in the install program can be compressed using a choice of compression methods – two are provided and others can be added as plug-ins by third parties.
    • Comprehensive context sensitive help is provided.

    Key features of the install programs created by SIBuilder are:
    • Install programs are console applications rather than Windows GUI applications – this helps to keep the installer overhead down.
    • Files can be installed into predefined folders and existing files can be selectively overwritten depending on file age or version information.
    • The registry can be updated with new keys and data.
    • Installations can be customised for different versions of Windows.
    • External programs can be executed by the installer and uninstaller – making it simple to extend the installer's functionality by writing a custom program.
    • COM servers, shared DLLs and applications can be registered with Windows.
    • A license agreement can be displayed that has to be accepted to continue the installation.
    • An optional uninstaller can be registered with the Control Panel "Add/remove programs" applet.
    • Previous installations can be automatically uninstalled before proceeding with an installation.
    • Empty registry keys can be deleted on uninstallation.


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    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:March 27, 2010






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