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    SIBuilder 3.4.2

    UPDATED ON:  March 27, 2010

    CATEGORY: Programming, Utilities

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    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:March 27, 2010
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    SIBuilder (Small Installation program Builder) is an open source software installation program creator that creates lean, stand alone install programs. The program is useful in creating, simple, single file, self-extracting installation programs.

    Install programs are easy to create using SIBuilder's Wizard style interface. The creation tool has the following features:
    • Files can be added using drag and drop and grouped to install into different target folders.
    • Registry entries can be created by directly entering the required information, by importing .reg files that may have been exported from RegEdit or by using predefined templates.
    • Special folder "macros" can be used to refer to the installation folder and to the program files, common files and various Windows special folders on the target computer.
    • External programs can be specified to be run either by the installer or uninstaller making it simple to add functionality to install programs. From v3.2 a external program (Shortcutter.exe) is provided that can be used create shortcuts during installation.
    • Manifests listing the files to be installed can be generated in text or HTML format.
    • The data stored in the install program can be compressed using a choice of compression methods – two are provided and others can be added as plug-ins by third parties.
    • Comprehensive context sensitive help is provided.

    Key features of the install programs created by SIBuilder are:
    • Install programs are console applications rather than Windows GUI applications – this helps to keep the installer overhead down.
    • Files can be installed into predefined folders and existing files can be selectively overwritten depending on file age or version information.
    • The registry can be updated with new keys and data.
    • Installations can be customised for different versions of Windows.
    • External programs can be executed by the installer and uninstaller – making it simple to extend the installer's functionality by writing a custom program.
    • COM servers, shared DLLs and applications can be registered with Windows.
    • A license agreement can be displayed that has to be accepted to continue the installation.
    • An optional uninstaller can be registered with the Control Panel "Add/remove programs" applet.
    • Previous installations can be automatically uninstalled before proceeding with an installation.
    • Empty registry keys can be deleted on uninstallation.






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