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    UPDATED ON:   April 5, 2012

    CATEGORY: Games, Utilities


    Gives every gamer a way to easily backup and restore their game saves with just a couple clicks. is your savegame solution. gives every gamer a way to easily backup and restore their game saves with just a couple clicks. Whether you just want a backup of your saves, or you are building a new computer, is the tool you need to ensure you don' t lose any progress in your games.

    • Very easy to use. A sleek UI and easy to understand controls were designed to make using as simple as possible.
    • Supports all English operating systems from Windows XP SP3 onwards.
    • 100% portable. All application settings are stored in the application' s folder. This makes great for thumb drives.
    • 100% free. No ads, no nags. Free. Although there is a donate button if you are feeling generous.
    • Completely database driven. uses the lightning-fast SQLite to manage all asset information.
    • Ability to update database from within the program to keep up to date with the latest database. There is no need (usually) to update the entire program to get new game support.
    • Backup all of your game saves in just a couple clicks.
    • Restore games you have previously backed up, even if you change computers or operating systems. You can even share your saves with friends.
    • Backup and Restore features are optimized for speed and simplicity.
    • Standardized zip compression to keep file sizes as small as possible.
    • The created archives are not password protected, so they can be viewed/edited with any archive manager.
    • Ignore list: if you don' t want to see a game on your list anymore, you can hide it with this feature.
    • Custom database entries: if a game is not supported, you can add it yourself. This means can be used to back up a lot more than game saves.
    • Support for saving and restoring over the network (UNC) and saving to cloud services, like DropBox.


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    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Requirements:.Net Framework 4.0
    Last updated:April 5, 2012





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