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    Samsung Smart Switch 4.2

    UPDATED ON:   April 17, 2018

    CATEGORY: Utilities


    Samsung Smart Switch is an easy tool to transfer content from one smartphone to another smartphone.

    Easy one-click connection
    With Smart Switch Mobile, data transfer between Galaxy devices is easy.
    Place your devices close together (within 8 inches) and run the app on both. Then, on the old device, select [Android Device], [Start], [Connect].
    This allows you to send the personal data you’ve saved on your old Galaxy device to the new Galaxy device connected to it.

    Support for various functions
    You can send your personal data (contacts, schedules, messages, and memos), multimedia data, and other types of data (alarms, Wi-Fi settings , recent history, etc.).

    Samsung Smart Switch
    Data backup, restoration, synchronisation, and software updates are now managed in one place.
    Enjoy the new Smart Switch. Updated menus make it even easier to use.

    Fast connection and fast data transfer
    Run Smart Switch on your computer and connect your new Samsung device to it using a USB cable.
    Smart Switch will recognise the data on your old device and start moving it to your new one.

    Simple backup and restoration
    Try Smart Switch' s new backup and restoration functions.
    These functions help you back up all your data to your computer at once, and easily restore any backed up data – all without any complicated settings.

    *The new backup and restoration functions also help you move your personal data (contacts, schedules, memos, messages, and call history), photos, videos, alarms, bookmarks, and miscellaneous preferences in a simple way.

    Data synchronisation
    You can synchronise your contacts and your schedule between your devices with Windows Outlook or Mac Address Book and iCal.
    With this smart function, you can easily manage your schedule any time, anywhere.

    Device software update
    Using Smart Switch' s computer version, update your device with the latest software.
    Your device will be more stable, and it will perform better.


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