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    RouterPassView 1.88

    UPDATED ON:   October 2, 2019

    CATEGORY: Network, Utilities


    RouterPassView is most modern routers allow you to backup the configuration of the router into a file, and then restore the configuration from the file when it' s needed.

    The backup file of the router usually contains important data like your ISP user name/password, the login password of the router, and wireless network keys.
    If you lost one of these password/keys, but you still have a backup file of your router configuration, RouterPassView might help you to recover your lost password from your router file.

    Supported Routers:

    Due to large amount of router models available in the market, it' s impossible to support all of them.
    For now, RouterPassView supports a limited number of router models, and I' ll gradually add support for more routers in future versions. Also, be aware that even if your router is not in the list, you can still try to open your router backup file with RouterPassView, because some routers are sold with different brand name, but they still use the same software/chipset of other routers.

    Here' s the list:
    • Linksys WRT54GL (With original firmware or Tomato firmware), WRT54G (only some of them), WRT160N, and possibly similar models.
    • Edimax BR6204WG, and possibly similar models.
    • Siemens ADSL SL2-141, and possibly similar models.
    • Dynalink RTA1025W, and possibly similar models.
    • NETGEAR WGT624, and possibly similar models.
    • ASUS WL-520g, WL-600g, and possibly similar models.
    • D-Link DIR-655, DIR-300, and possibly similar models.
    • Sanex SA 5100, and possibly similar models.
    • Sitecom WL-351, and possibly similar models.
    • COMTREND 536+ (Only Internet Login)
    • US Robotics 9108 ADSL (internet login and admin login)
    • D-Link DSL-2540U/BRU/D ADSL2+, DSL-2650U, DSL-520B
    • D-Link DVA-G3170i/PT
    • TP-Link TD-8810 ADSL Modem/Router.

    If you have router model that is not listed here, and you managed to recover your password with RouterPassView, please report about it to and specify the exact model name.

    Using RouterPassView

    RouterPassView doesn' t require any installation process or additional DLL files. In order to start using it, simply run the executable file - RouterPassView.exe
    After running RouterPassView, you can open your router configuration file by using ' Open Router Config File' option (Ctrl+O) or by dragging the config file from Explorer into the main window of RouterPassView.
    If RouterPassView manage to detect and decrypt your router file, you should get a list of passwords/wireless keys in the main window of RouterPassView. If RouterPassView cannot detect your file, it' ll remain empty.


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