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    Risk Game 1.1

    UPDATED ON:   December 29, 2011

    CATEGORY: Games


    Classic "World Domination Risk" game where you try to conquer the world.

    Risk Game can be played with up to ten players.

    Main features:
    • Support for both human or artificial intelligence players, up to ten per game.
    • Customizable rules.
    • Smart interface that speeds up attacks and troops movements.
    • Statistics window that shows counters for territories and armies also sort list by numbers of armies.
    • Risk Game is freeware.
    • When players have finished placing their initial armies on their territories the game randomly chooses a territory (coloured gold). This brings one extra army to the owner on each turn. This number can be changed in the rules.
    • The player who conquers other player' s last territory will get 10 extra armies in the next turn.

    Risk Game is really 100% free: no limitations, no time-outs, no nags, no adware, no banner ads and no spyware. It can be freely used and distributed provided that neither code nor documentation are altered in any way.


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    Size: 3.86 MB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:December 29, 2011





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