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    RegTechy 2.0

    UPDATED ON:   April 27, 2019

    CATEGORY: Utilities


    RegTechy is a small, feature rich and powerful application will be your right-hand when working with the Windows Registry Editor, navigating the registry and jumping to registry keys and making registry back-ups and exports.

    • Settings:The various toolbar buttons inside the application' s interface allows the user to adjust program settings like hiding tooltips when hovering over the toolbar, maximum number of recently "jump to" keys to remember, an option to close the recent items list after jumping to a registry key, ability to keep RegTechy' s window on top of other windows and hotkey configuration settings.
    • Browse Favorites: This feature allows the user to browse previously saved favorites.
    • Add to Favorites: Keys can be added to the user' s favorites list.
    • Export Key: Use this function to export the selected registry key as a .reg file to a location of choice.
    • Google this Key: Search for information about a certain key string on the internet.
    • View Key Data: When a valid key string has been entered into the "key" section control then the application allows the user to open this key in an internal viewer without opening the Windows Registry Editor instead. Key data can then be viewed there.
    • Recent Key List: The recent key list has it' s own context menu so that the user can jump to previously visited keys, copy a key string, clear or save the recent list.
    • Reset Window: If the application' s window has been resized and moved about, then use this toolbar button to recet the user interface to it' s original size and position on screen


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    Size: 654.93 KB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:April 27, 2019





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