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    RegScanner 2.65

    UPDATED ON:   November 10, 2021

    CATEGORY: System / Registry Cleaners, Utilities


    RegScanner is a small utility that allows you to scan the Registry, find the desired Registry values.

    RegScanner finds the desired Registry values that match to the specified search criteria, and display them in one list. After finding the Registry values, you can easily jump to the right value in RegEdit, simply by double-clicking the desired Registry item. You can also export the found Registry values into a .reg file that can be used in RegEdit.

    Advantages over RegEdit find of Windows

    • RegScanner utility display the entire search result at once, so you don' t have to press F3 in order to find the next value.
    • In addition to the standard string search (Like in RegEdit), RegScanner can also find Registry values by data length, value type (REG_SZ, REG_DWORD, and so on), and by modified date of the key.
    • RegScanner can find a unicode string located inside a binary value.
    • RegScanner allows you to make a case sensitive search.
    • While scanning the Registry, RegScanner display the current scanned Registry key, as opposed to RegEdit, that simply display a boring "Searching the registry" dialog-box.

    Using RegScanner
    RegScanner is a standalone executable, and it doesn' t require any installation process or additional DLLs. In order to start using it, just run the executbale file - regscanner.exe

    After running RegScanner, you should select the desired scan/search options, and click OK to start the scan.


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    Size: 70.79 KB
    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:November 10, 2021





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