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    RegRun Reanimator

    UPDATED ON:   October 18, 2020

    CATEGORY: AntiVirus / Malware, Security / Privacy, Utilities


    RegRun Reanimator is an excellent tool kit for protecting your computer against viruses or Trojans/Spyware/ Adware parasites or Rootkits.

    The RegRun uses the newest technology in the world. Fight with the bad guys by the most powerful weapon.

    What you should know about RegRun?
    RegRun is not an antivirus in a common sense. It does not scan your disk and detect/cure using signature database. There are a lot of antiviral programs that you can choose.

    RegRun checks all Windows startup holes and it can detect and remove any UNKNOWN virus. The modern viruses spreads to the millions computers in the world for a pair days. First, a virus kills an antivirus and disables a way to update the antiviral databases.

    RegRun prevents a virus auto start. Later you can clean your computer by antivirus to remove virus according files and registry records.

    RegRun resolves three main tasks:
    • Makes backups of the registry and important files. Restores a computer even if it does not boot.
    • Detects a virus in your computer.
    • Removes a virus from your computer.

    Who needs RegRun?
    If you are a user who is exposed to sources of viruses and Trojans (e.g. you are an Internet surfer, E-mail recipient, one who buys “ safe” software on CD' s, or one who receives data on floppy disks), or if you are an experienced user who needs to adjust your startup configuration as a function of testing and debugging new software, you need RegRun.

    RegRun is the best choice for users who wants to get maximum security, for power users and computer professionals.


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    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:October 18, 2020





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