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    Protect My Disk 6.3.0

    UPDATED ON:   June 21, 2011

    CATEGORY: Security / Privacy, Utilities


    Protect your USB flash drive against autorun viruses.

    Autorun viruses are getting more and more popular these days and they infect more and more USB drives. You may protect your computer with an antivirus program, but what do you do when you have to plug your USB into another computer? Your USB flash drive is exposed. Now, you can stop that in the most simple way: Protect My Disk. It is a simple program that helps you protect your USB flash drive against autorun viruses. NO extra space used and NO programs installed on your USB flash drive. The program simply creates a special folder that prevents Windows to copy autorun files through virus programs to your USB flash drive. AND IT' S FREE!

    Why free? Because we don' t like expensive software and overweight applications. The program does not interfere in any way with your antivirus program.

    • Protects your flash drive and your computer.
    • - No more USB autorun viruses!
    • - Simple to use. One click protection.
    • - Your flash drive will be protected on any PC.
    • - Also protects your external HDDs.
    • - Completely free.


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    Size: 3.54 MB
    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:June 21, 2011





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