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    Playlist Creator 3.6.1

    UPDATED ON:   October 17, 2009

    CATEGORY: Audio / Video, Utilities

    Playlist Creator enables you to create playlists of your precious music within seconds. The composition and creation of a playlist is quite intuitive: Add all desired files, enter a name for the playlist and select its save location. Hit the create button and one moment later your brand-new playlist is ready.You don't have to recreate your playlist every time you want to make changes to it. Just open the existing playlist file, make the changes you want and save the playlist. It's as simple as that! Combining several playlists into a single big playlist is quite simple as well: Insert as many existing playlist files to your current playlist as you like and save the playlist. Done!Features:
    • Readout of tags - Playlist Creator can read the tags of all of your media files and use the data for customizing the playlist.
    • High processing speed - Very high processing speed even with activated readout of tags, thanks to the support of the powerful open source library MediaInfo.
    • Drag and Drop - Add your music files with style by using drag and drop from Windows Explorer.
    • Recursive folder adding - Folders can be added recursively, i.e. the folder and all its subfolders. Enables you to add your entire music collection via a single drag and drop action.
    • Dynamic Titles - Define dynamic title variables in order to use tag data for customizing the playlist output.
    • Absolute / Relative - The playlist items can be saved absolute or relative to the save location of the playlist.
    • Many predefined file types - There are a lot of predefined file types which can instantly be added to the playlist.
    • Custom file types - If you think there is an important file type missing you can easily add it to the list of accepted file types.
    • PLS and M3U playlists - For compatibility with a wide variety of hardware and software Playlist Creator can create playlists both in PLS- and M3U-format.
    • Open or insert playlists - Open existing playlist files to modify them or insert playlist files into your current playlist.
    • Shuffle playlist - If you like variation the playlist can be shuffled with a simple click.
    • Always up-to-date - The application can check (automatically) for newer versions.


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    Size: 1.42 MB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:October 17, 2009





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