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    PianoRollComposer 2.42

    UPDATED ON:   February 3, 2011

    CATEGORY: Audio / Video, Multimedia, Utilities

    PianoRollComposer is a MIDI sequencer for composing and playing MIDI music.
    • It uses the standard treble and bass clef staffs. Notes are displayed in the piano roll format, so it shows music with absolute accuracy.
    • Notes are entered directly on the staffs, and you can edit each note to give it the exact characteristics you want.
    • You can use all 128 MIDI instruments and 61 [extended] MIDI percussion instruments. Windows will play them all.
    • Up to 15 different instruments can show and play at the same time (think orchestra).
    • If you have a MIDI keyboard, you can play and record any instrument with it, and you can add to existing music with it.
    • And if you' re learning to play piano, it can help with playing exercises you can easily write, as well as with playing existing music.
    • The music created with PianoRollComposer can be played by any MIDI player, and can be shown in standard music notation.
    • PianoRollComposer can play and display any MIDI music.
    • And it can Record To, Play, and Merge WAVE files (think vocals).
    • Uses the Windows/sound-card synthesizer, but it also includes a rudimentary built-in SoundFont Synthesizer.
    • Works with the excellent and free SyFonOne, which can synthesize any SoundFont.
    • PianoRollComposer has enough bells and whistles to write any kind of music. Even ringtones.


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    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP
    Last updated:February 3, 2011






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