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    PhotoRenamer 4.1

    UPDATED ON:   March 13, 2018

    CATEGORY: Image / Photo, Utilities


    PhotoRenamer is a windows Utility that rename your photos with the date and time you took the shot.

    PhotoRenamer is a freeware that renames your photos according to the date and the time you took the shot (from file date and time or Exif Data) and a Highy customizable Renaming Mask. Using an Explorer-like control, browsing the files is very easy and intuitive. Renaming Masks are strings that contains format specifications (Day, Month, Year, Hour, Min., Sec. Photo Number and free text) .

    File as "IMG_01234.jpg" can be renamed as "TGMDev-31-Dec-2011-16-51-26.jpg" or "Lumix-FZ45-01234-2011-Dec-31-16-51-26.jpg".

    PhotoRenamer 3.0 displays a picture preview with main picture data. Double-Click on the picture displays more than 60 Exif Data, including GPS data. Freeware guaranteed without spyware.


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    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:March 13, 2018





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