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    PC-Alarm and Security System 2.2.10

    UPDATED ON:   September 23, 2011

    CATEGORY: Security / Privacy

    The PC-Alarm and Security System protects your home or office from burglars and fire. Using the computer you already own as is, the PC-Alarm and Security System software will turn your PC into a burglar alarm system.

    Uses basic components already available with most newer multimedia computers; such as the mouse, keyboard and microphone. Additional hardware can be purchased separately to increase your area of protection, but this is never required.

    Why not put your PC to work while away from your home or office. If a burglar or fire alarm is detected the PC-Alarm and Security System software will notify you immediately.

    Software Features
    • Turns your PC into your own personal security guard. Constantly watching over your PC and property at all times
    • Monitors fire alarms using your PC' s microphone
    • Monitors inexpensive door mounted, motion sensor or other audible alarms
    • Monitors keyboard and mouse activity
    • Can also be used with your Web Cam' s auto record feature to detect someone entering the area of your PC
    • Monitors your application log files for user defined error messages
    • Dials a phone number and plays a pre-recorded sound file when an alarm is triggered specifying the zone or zones reporting the breach
    • Email notifications (works with any cell phone and pager that support text messaging via standard email)
    • Network message notifications (requires messenger service)
    • Supports numeric only pager notifications
    • Prevents unauthorized access to PC using a virtual keypad
    • Offering peace-of-mind while your on vacation or out of the office
    • Find out for sure if anyone is accessing your PC after hours
    • Remote Video Surveillance uses your Webcam to upload images to the Web via FTP
    • No monthly fees
    • It' s Free


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    Size: 8.19 MB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:September 23, 2011





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