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    Ocster Backup Free 1.99

    UPDATED ON:   March 13, 2015

    CATEGORY: File Managers, Home / Education, Office / Productivity, Security / Privacy


    Ocster Backup is an intuitive and easy-to-use backup software.

    Freeware Windows Edition is a great freeware backup software for windows that was designed from the start to work fully automatic. You simply specify what you want backed up and when and then the software takes care of the rest.

    Ocster Backup: Freeware Windows Edition creates backup copies of your files and stores them either on an external hard disk or on the specially secured Ocster Secure Storage.

    The software is completely FREE if you store the data on your own hard disk and, if you want to, you can also use Ocster Secure Storage for a very low subscription fee.

    Ocster Backup: Freeware Windows Edition is really easy to use and requires no technical knowledge at all. With the software' s scheduled automatic backups you simply select what to back up and when and that' s it. The software will automatically keep your data safe!

    • Creates fully automatic backups of your data
    • Easy to use
    • Can store backups on hard disks and USB sticks (free and no strings attached)
    • Can store backups on Ocster Secure Storage
      • Stores the files in professional data centers
      • Much safer than using hard disks or USB sticks
      • The backups are protected against fire, water damage, lighning, theft, hurricanes, ...
      • Multiple copies are kept in different locations
      • The data is transmitted to the data centers via a highly secured internet channel
      • Available for a small subscription fee.
    • Backups are strongly encrypted and protected with a user password
    • Backups are compressed intelligently to save space
    • Backups are performed automatically at scheduled times
    • Backups can be stopped and resumed. This is handy when the computer needs to be shut down, for example.

    Technical Features
    • Incremental backup: after an initial full backup only the changes to the previous state are stored. This saves space and reduces transfer times.
    • Supports backup of:
      • files and folders(also files that are in use)
      • hard links and symbolic links
      • compressed, encrypted and sparse files
    • Backup are encrypted with AES (256 Bit)
    • High compression rates, even with many small files

    All mentioned features apply for backups on Ocster Secure Storage, Hard disk and USB sticks.


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    Size: 26.21 MB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:March 13, 2015





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