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    NirCmd 2.86

    UPDATED ON:   March 23, 2020

    CATEGORY: Utilities

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    NirCmd is a small command-line utility that allows you to do some useful tasks without displaying any user interface.

    By running NirCmd with simple command-line option, you can write and delete values and keys in the Registry, write values into INI file, dial to your internet account or connect to a VPN network, restart windows or shut down the computer, create shortcut to a file, change the created/modified date of a file, change your display settings, turn off your monitor, open the door of your CD-ROM drive, and more...

    • Open the door of J: CD-ROM drive        ->         nircmd.exe cdrom open j:
    • Close the door of Y: CD-ROM drive        ->         nircmd.exe cdrom close y:
    • Speaks the text currently in the clipboard (For Windows XP and Vista).        ->         speak text ~$clipboard$
    • Increase the system volume by 2000 units (out of 65535)        ->         nircmd.exe changesysvolume 2000
    • Decrease the system volume by 5000 units (out of 65535)        ->         nircmd.exe changesysvolume -5000
    • Set the volume to the highest value        ->         nircmd.exe setsysvolume 65535
    • Mute the system volume        ->         nircmd.exe mutesysvolume 1
    • Unmute the system volume        ->         nircmd.exe mutesysvolume 0
    • Switch the system volume between the mute and normal state.        ->         nircmd.exe mutesysvolume 2
    • Click here to see more examples


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