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    NetTraffic 1.66.2

    UPDATED ON:   June 9, 2021

    CATEGORY: Internet, Network


    NetTraffic is a network data rate monitoring tool with statistics module.

    NetTraffic allow you to monitor data rates and count of downloaded, uploaded data. Application show data rates on chart and as text. Statistics module present prognosis, average rates and information about current state. Tables and charts present statistical informations from selected period (available: year, month, day, hour). You can simply get information about time you spend on a computer using statistics module.

    Application can work with any network connection.

    Major properties

    • Interfaces (connections) - use all / use selected
    • Update (refresh) period - default 1 second
    • Informatics data units (multiply 1024)
    • Language: English / Polish / Russian / Simplified Chinese

    • Presents data rates (upload, download, total)
    • Automatic axis scales
    • Configurable number of data points on chart
    • Configurable data bars (colors, visibility)
    • Configurable background, font and axis colors
    • Transparency

    • Averages, prognosis, current state for traffic and system time up
    • Tables and Charts presenting data for selected period
    • Data Export / Import

    Notify icon
    • Icon on task bar, states: download / upload / upload and download / nothing


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    Size: 390 KB
    Supported OS:All Windows
    Requirements:.Net Framework 2.0 or higher
    Last updated:June 9, 2021





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