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    NeoRouter Free 2.3.2

    UPDATED ON:   October 3, 2016

    CATEGORY: Internet, Network, Utilities


    NeoRouter is the ideal remote access and VPN solution for homes and small businesses.

    NeoRouter helps you manage and connect to all your computers from anywhere. It gracefully integrates remote access, file sharing, Virtual Private Network, user and access management. Many homes or small businesses have high-speed Internet and multiple computers, and users are facing challenges like remote access, directory management and network security. To solve similar problems at large enterprises, skilled administrators can deploy very expensive and complex tools like VPN, domain controller and corporate firewall. But home or small business users do not have the right tools that fit their needs.

    NeoRouter Free features bleeding-edge technologies and is released frequently. It is 100% free for both commercial and non-commercial usage.

    Key Features

    Support Windows (from Windows 2000 to Win7), Mac OSX (from Tiger to Snow Leopard), Linux i386/x64 (all major distros), FreeBSD, Android and router firmwares (tomato, fon and openwrt).

    P2P Connection
    NeoRouter can setup direct peer-to-peer (P2P) connection between computers and achieve fastest connection speed.

    Unattended servers
    NeoRouter runs as a system service (daemon) and will automatically reconnect after reboot.

    Roaming user profile
    You can sign in from any computer using the same account and your profile (including the computer list and your preference) will roam with you.

    Advanced user management and access control
    You can create multiple users with different privileges, and grant accesses to a computer or a service individually. For example, you can prevent your gamer friend Bob from accessing the photos you shared with mom.

    High portability
    You can run NeoRouter portable client from a USB drive without installation. This feature is especially useful if you are using a computer that you do not have the privileges to setup new software, e.g. in a library or hotel.

    You can personalize the user interface with your native language and favorite skin. Business users can even integrate your company' s logo.


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    Last updated:October 3, 2016





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