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    UPDATED ON:   March 7, 2011

    CATEGORY: AntiVirus / Malware, File Managers, Utilities

    MultiScan is a portable application oriented toward technical users who typically don’t run resident anti-virus/malware scanners, though there are other uses for it. It is intended to scan any number of selected files or folders using multiple (up to 10 currently), 3rd party malware/virus scanners. MultiScan will pass the file/folder paths you have selected in Windows Explorer, or through the GUI, to your programs and then run those applications concurrently or consecutively. All settings are remembered and stored in a configuration file in the directory where MultiScan.exe is placed. Accessing MultiScan is easy through an optional Windows Explorer context menu item.

    • Portable /no installation; does not write to registry unless you choose to do so; configuration file written to program directory
    • Run up to 10 applications consecutively in the order you choose or run them concurrently
    • Easily access MultiScan from the Windows Explorer context menu (optional)
    • Quickly save and switch between multiple configurations of virus scanners
    • Quickly save and switch between multiple preconfigured lists of objects to scan
    • NO malware/adware or any other junk! Does not “phone home”
    • FREE! Donations appreciated

    Note that some basic knowledge of command line syntax is required for working with your chosen scanner applications. Applications you use with MultiScan must support the passing of file names.


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    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:March 7, 2011





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