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    Mouse Recorder Pro 2 2.0.5

    UPDATED ON:  August 4, 2010

    CATEGORY: Utilities

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    Size: 2.20 MB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:August 4, 2010
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    Mouse Recorder Pro 2 is a free mouse and keyboard recording application which will record your computer mouse and keyboard input, allowing you to repeat an operation easily and fast. You can play what you have been recording in a scheduled time you set. You are able to edit what you have been recording for further development

    • user friendly.
    • small sized.
    • variaty of configuration options.
    • make your script perform faster and easier using included functions.
    • set a script to be played in a specific time using the Mouse Recorder Pro Calendar.
    • edit your scripts by using the Mouse Recorder Pro Editor.





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