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    Microsoft Office 2010 Trial Extender

    UPDATED ON:  March 20, 2012

    CATEGORY: Office / Productivity, Utilities

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    Size: 646.98 KB
    Supported OS:Windows XP, Vista, 7
    Requirements:.Net Framework 3.5 or higher
    Last updated:March 20, 2012
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    Extend your copy of Microsoft Office 2010 for additional 30 days upto 5 times.

    Microsoft Office 2010 needs to be activated after 30 days. It can be rearmed 5 times, every rearm gives you additionally 30 days to activate.
    If you always rearm it on the last day before it has to be activated that makes a total evaluation time of 6 * 30 = 180 days.

    Although the rearm feature was made for corporate users, it cannot be illegal to use it since it' s an official feature.

    You can use this tool to rearm Office 2010 5 times. Just re-apply once the 30 days are over.

    This tool only works with RTM (14.0.4760.1000) builds of Microsoft Office 2010! Click-to-run versions (e.g. 14.0.5114.5002 and 14.0.5113.5000) seem not to work - which makes sense because those are just virtualized versions.




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