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    Micro-Sys Launcher 1.7.9

    UPDATED ON:   April 9, 2010

    CATEGORY: File Managers, Utilities

    Launcher is an easy-to-use personal shortcut manager to launch all kinds of files and programs. Drag-and-drop operations are supported; this means that when Micro-Sys Launcher is in Manage Items mode, it is possible to configure shortcuts by dragging files from e.g. Windows desktop and then dropping them into Micro-Sys Launcher. One can create an unlimited amount of user-defined subfolders and item (e.g. program) shortcuts. Launcher resides in the sys-tray.
    • Launcher allows you to easily create shortcuts and configure launch options:
    • Supply command line parameters in application shortcuts.
    • Configure as a portable launcher running on USB sticks and drives.
    • Batch files and other executables support same options as applications.


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    Size: 1.14 MB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista
    Last updated:April 9, 2010





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