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    UPDATED ON:   August 3, 2020

    CATEGORY: Image / Photo, Utilities


    LightShot is a desktop tool for capturing selected area from the screen.

    LightShot is an easy-to-use, light-weight applciation that can help you capture any area from your screen.It is not overloaded by useless options.


    Share screenshots via Internet
    Do you want to share photos, images, parts of a webpage or any content that you see on the screen with your friends? Simply start the Lightshot, select an area and click this button! You will get a link for sending it to your friends or for posting it to your blog, Twitter, Facebook, anywhere!

    Copy screenshot to clipboard
    You can place captured area directly to Windows clipboard, and paste it into any suitable application such as Word, Paint, Photoshop or any other. This can be done either by pressing "Copy" or by pressing Ctrl+C hotkey. Another option is to hold down the Ctrl key and select area, this will copy screenshot to clipboard as soon as you release mouse button.

    Edit screenshot immediately after it taken
    You can edit your screenshot online with powerfull Pixlr Editor. It has classic Pen, Brush and Blur tools, you can highlight something or add a text note. There are a lot of other cool features and stuff you can do with it. Take a video tour to knew it all!

    Save screenshots to your PC
    Sometimes you just want to make a lot of shots and choose the best one later or process them in some other way. Using this button you can save screenshot to JPG, PNG or BMP formats.

    Use hotkeys
    Allmost all of the tasks you can done have theyr own hotkeys. You can use keyboard shortcuts to make LightShot even faster.


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