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    KidLogger 5.6.16

    UPDATED ON:   June 1, 2012

    CATEGORY: Security / Privacy


    Watches activities of your kids or any user who uses your computer.

    Free, open sources application monitors user activity from the target computer. Record and save all the activity.

    Key-word monitoring
    Define a list of key-words and phrases that you want to monitor. Kidlogger will send you screenshot when user will type this keyword. This will allow to know when your kid is talking/searching all about ' drugs' , ' money' etc

    Skype video logger
    Now it logs even Skype video chats, by making screenshots of Skype video frames.

    Sending logs and screen-shot to your email
    Sending recorded reports is easy then ever. Kidlogger supports all email account types (yahoo, gmail). For the user convenience it is possibe to choose between sending log files or screen captures or both.

    Upload logs and screen-shot to web server log viewer
    This is a server side solution allowing to easily watch on many PCs activity. Standart membership is free. Try it now.

    Voice monitoring
    Voice-Activated-Recording into MP3. KidLogger will monitor noise level in Mic and record input sound into mp3 file if there is a voice activity detected. Noise level can be customized to record only loud sounds. This feature allows to record voice conversations in Skype, Yahoo messenger, ICQ and others VoIP clients as well as phone call made in the room.

    C++ / Cocoa open-Source keylogger
    Kidlogger setup package includes full-source code package that can be found in setup file or program directory after install.

    KidLogger monitoring features:
    • Keystrokes recording
    • Chat recording and monitoring. It can capture all instant messengers chats, online chats and forums typed by the kid or Guest on the keyboard.
    • Email recording It will log every e-mail created on your computer. Should be configured manually in snap.bat file.
    • Monitoring USB flash drives and CD/DVD media activity. Removal / Insertion events. (PRO version only)
    • More...


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    Size: 1.28 MB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:June 1, 2012





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