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    KeyLock 2.1.1

    UPDATED ON:   August 20, 2018

    CATEGORY: Security / Privacy, Utilities


    KeyLock is a program to lock your computer with an USB Flash Drive.


    It' s not possible to use your computer after you' ve locked it with KeyLock. Our exclusive technologies disable task manager, and disrupt the mouse, making it impossible to reach the desktop. After unlocking, everything will be recovered immediately and you can use your computer again.

    Easy and Fast:
    You quickly need your computer with the common Windows security? First you need to unlock, type your password, have a typo, type in again and finally, your pc is unlocked. With KeyLock, all these problems are solved: Put your USB Flash Drive in your computer and you can use it immediately.

    Energy Saving:
    Careful with your laptop battery? No problem with KeyLock. In the program, there are built-in features to save energy, like dimming the screen or slowing down the reaction speed. That way, you can have the best use of your battery with KeyLock!

    Do you want to have another background or do you want to surprise the person that wants to unlock your computer with a different text? This is possible with the customizable options in KeyLock. Customize the lock-screen to your liking!

    Note: Internet connection required to install this software.


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    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:August 20, 2018





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