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    KeyLemon 4.0.3

    UPDATED ON:   October 29, 2017

    CATEGORY: Desktop Enhancers, Security / Privacy


    KeyLemon lets you lock and unlock your computer using your voice or face as input.

    KeyLemon changes the way you log into your computer.

    Experience a new way to login with face and/or speaker recognition instead of typing your username and password. It replaces the standard Windows XP / Vista /Seven/Eight logon screen with a KeyLemon login screen that connects to your webcam.

    What if you are not recognized and identified? No problem, you can still login manually or switch back to the standard Windows interface.

    Is your computer is connected to a domain? No problem, KeyLemon supports domain user and identification.

    If you want to you can have fun by customizing your welcome screen with your own background image or theme.

    Available in the v3 for Windows release, the ability to choose the technology allows you to increase the security of your desktop and helps you to be recognized in the majority of situations.

    You can choose between three different configurations :
    • Use Face recognition only
    • Use Speaker recognition only
    • Choose at login time if you want to use Face or Speaker recognition



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    Size: 55.85 MB
    Supported OS:Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
    Last updated:October 29, 2017





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