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    JPEG Saver 5.17

    UPDATED ON:   September 26, 2021

    CATEGORY: Desktop Enhancers, Utilities


    JPEG Saver is an image displaying screen saver.

    JPEG Saver is an image displaying screen saver, a bit like the Windows XP "My Pictures" screen saver or the "Photos" screen saver on Windows 7. JPEG Saver has quite a few more features and options than either of those though:
    • The delay between images is configurable from one second to 24 hours;
    • There are several display modes for choosing the order that images are displayed in;
    • Interactive option for controlling the screen saver like a slide show;
    • Many transitions that may be turned on or off individually;
    • Multiple folders may be searched for the images to display;
    • The list of images found is stored in a database for faster start-up on subsequent runs;
    • Filters may be used to limit the images shown by filename, path, creation and modification dates and times, and file sizes;
    • Options for positioning the images around the screen or at random;
    • Resize options, with simple, bilinear and bicubic methods available;
    • Auto-rotation option for images with EXIF orientation data;
    • Colour management support;
    • Gamma adjustment options;
    • Timed screen dimming options;
    • Several options for colours, gradients or images to display in the background behind the main image;
    • Options for adding extra "items" to the display, e.g. clock, borders around the image, image information, or track information from several popular media players;
    • More stuff...


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    Size: 1.98 MB
    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:September 26, 2021





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