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    JPEG Repair 2.8.191

    UPDATED ON:   February 27, 2022

    CATEGORY: Image / Photo, Utilities


    Fix and Repair corrupt and damaged JPEG headers using JPG-Repair

    JPG-Repair can repair corrupt JPEG headers using a reference or sample file. It is an easy alternative for replacing a corrupt header with an intact one using a hex editor. A typical symptom of a corrupt header is that the JPEG file can’t be opened at all. Windows explorer does not show preview thumbnails and different viewers and photo editors may show different error messages.

    It can also repair Invalid JPEG Markers and other invalid data within the JPEG image bit stream. Typical symptoms are the picture abruptly changing at a grey area, image shift and distorted color bands (see below example).

    Although you are ‘editing’ the image, JPG-Repair dos not re-encode the image as a ‘normal’ photo editor would do.

    • Repair corrupt and damaged JPEG files
    • Fix corrupt JPEG header
    • Repair Invalid JPEG markers
    • Attempts to repair damage due to bad sectors
    • Allows you to improve corrupt JPEG image data by patching the bit stream
    • Does not re-encode JPEG image!
    • Preview of repaired file
    • Free version that shows previews + saves files. Correct preview, then file can be repaired? Limitation of the free version: Batch mode disabled. Please register if you find the software useful.



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    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:February 27, 2022





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