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    Java Open Chess 1.5

    UPDATED ON:   March 14, 2016

    CATEGORY: Games


    Java Open Chess is a game designed in Java that allows 2 players play on local computers and via network connection.

    There is also an option to play versus quite weak computer oponent. Stronger computer oponents will be implemented soon.

    • 2 local players game
    • 2 network players game (as client and as server)
    • 1 player mode (versus CPU)
    • Tabbed window - each game in separate tab
    • Each tab can be both client and server in case of network game
    • Save game in chess notation (in both PGN and FEN)
    • Load game in chess notation (in both PGN and FEN)
    • Game clock
    • Chat during network game
    • Partialy themable interface (chessboard and pieces)
    • Move history with move back / move forward in local game and over internet
    • Requires Java 1.8 or higher!

    Note: To launch the game, unzip the package and run command javaw -jar jChess-1.5.jar from the command prompt.


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    Size: 1.53 KB
    Supported OS:All Windows
    Requirements:Java Runtime
    Last updated:March 14, 2016





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