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    Iperius Remote 3.6.7

    UPDATED ON:   December 17, 2021

    CATEGORY: Internet, Office / Productivity


    Iperius Remote is an easy to use and secure computer remote control software for remote support, presentations and technical assistance.

    Iperius Remote is for connecting remotely and for remote customer support that is simple to use and effective. Runs with a single click, lightweight, stable and secure.

    Remote Control
    Connect in a simple and rapid manner to any computer connected to the internet. Work as if you were present locally, transfer files, make use of chat. Complete Remote Desktop.

    Support and Meetings
    Use Iperius Remote for remote support for your customers, working from home, transferring files or sharing your screen with unlimited numbers of users for demonstrations and meetings.

    Unattended access
    Install Iperius Remote as a service for unattended access. You can keep a list of the computers of your customers and connect to them in order to carry out assistance at any time.

    Remote Assistance
    Access the servers and computers of your customers and provide technical support in the easiest and most immediate way. You can connect multiple customers simultaneously in separate windows or have multiple operators access the same remote computer.

    Freeware and professional
    Use Iperius Remote Free without problems even in your company, and if you need advanced features, switch to professional versions at a very low cost. You can open multiple connections and have features that will greatly improve your work.

    Simple and Portable
    With Iperius you can open a remote desktop connection to any computer. Just download a simple executable file, without any need for installation, and you immediately have the maximum operating speed. All features are immediately accessible.

    Completeness and development
    The members of the Iperius Remote team, as well as our software company with over 20 years of experience, are always working to provide our customers with products of the highest level in terms of reliability and security. From the same creators as Iperius Backup, a software application for the backup and protection of data that is sold in more than 150 countries. Try Iperius Remote now!


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    Last updated:December 17, 2021





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