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    Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool

    UPDATED ON:   September 25, 2019

    CATEGORY: Utilities


    Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool is to verify the functionality of an Intel® microprocessor.

    The diagnostic checks for brand identification, verifies the processor operating frequency, tests specific processor features and performs a stress test on the processor.

    The diagnostic can be configured to execute in one of two modes, presence test mode or verification mode. Additionally, it can be configured to enable (run) or disable (skip) individual default configurations are used for this mode of operation.

    Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool Test System Requirements

    Multiprocessors Systems
    The Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool is compatible with multiprocessor systems. It is essential that only one Intel® processor is tested at a time in this system configuration. Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool does not support multiple processors inserted into a multiprocessor system configuration.

    Motherboard & Processor
    It is essential that the motherboard you use to test your processor is fully compatible with your Intel® processor. Consult your motherboard manufacturer' s support to ensure the motherboard supports your processor. If you are using an Intel® Motherboard please use this utility Intel® Processors and Boards Compatibility Tool

    Motherboard BIOS
    It is essential that the motherboards BIOS is at the minimum BIOS revision specified to support your Intel® processor. Consult your motherboard manufacturer' s support to ensure the BIOS revision is at the correct revision.

    Motherboard Architecture
    IPDT is only compatible with motherboards built using Intel® 32-bit Architecture.

    Over-Clocking should be disabled while running Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool.

    Power Management
    Some power management features (e.g. Intel SpeedStep® technology) throttle or reduce the operating frequency of components within the system. These types of power management features may result in very low tested frequency results. This does not mean that the processor is operating at degraded performance levels. It means that the enabled power management feature is optimizing the efficiency of the processor, either to save power or reduce heat within the system.

    We recommend you disable any power management features such as Intel SpeedStep® technology and configure your system to its optimal power management settings, when running Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool. For instructions on how to disable these power management features, please contact your system manufacturer.


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